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The Freak NeXt flying oscillator is made up of five layers. One solid layer serves as the flywheel and the remaining four layers are 32 blade springs. The Freak NeXt oscillates at 12 Hz - triple the rate of the previous Freak. This gives it a 70-hour reserve of power (also an improvement over the last Freak). The oscillator's multi-layered design shows that the triangles act as "beams" and the points at which they cross work as pivot points. There are no actual jewels or pivots needed, so friction is reduced to almost zero.

The oscillator is not balanced - it appears to be suspended under the sapphire, beating as if it were a hummingbird fluttering its wings. The Freak NeXt oscillator is a microengineered construction that shows how Ulysse Nadin continues to push technological boundaries.

Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica chose a high-tech white palette for the NeXt. It looks like it's from a Star Wars futuristic future Lucasfilm can only imagine. The 45mm case,IWC Portuguese Replica made of titanium and platinum, features white Super-LumiNova for the hands, bezel and case plates. The baguette is an angular trapezoid-shaped movement, which was inspired by the spaceships of our favorite science fiction worlds. It's framed by four tubes filled with Super LumiNova. Under the baguette, a transparent lens displays the Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica Logo in its classic colors.

The flying oscillator is the star of the show. It stands out against the white background of the watch and reflects blue, purple or green depending on the angle of The Freak NeXt is available with either a white rubber strap stitched with dark blue or a white alligator. This was a concept and not yet available for purchase, but there is rumblings that it needs some fine tuning before becoming commercially available. One thing is certain: The technological advances seen in the Freak NeXt will have an impact on anything Ulysse will present in coming years. These effects will likely be similar to those of the original Freak.

Pruniaux, who wants to continue the legacy left by the Freak says: "Innovation has always been a part of Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica." The Freak NeXt will be the next chapter in this collection. There will be more. But what is important to me, is that every model is coherent with those that have come before. We must maintain continuity by continuing to innovate on a product which is, at its core, already innovative. This is the culmination and beginning of many years of research by Stephane [Von Gunten], director of Research and Innovation at this company.