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Clea might be surprised to learn that the "other" Paul Tag Heuer Replica Watches Daytona has set an unbeatable record. It is already being bet that it will exceed $10,000,000. The rate at which watches appreciate means that the lucky owner will be able to put the watch back up for auction in 2022, and add another $5,000,000 to its value. Phillips will publish the official estimate of the watch on June 5, 2017.

Clerizo said to Revolution UK's editor Tracey Llewellyn: "I was in Thailand on February 27th when I received a phone call from Paul Boutros, Phillips. He told me, "We want you to do the biggest watch story this year." We have Paul Tag Heuer Replica Watches’s "Paul Tag Heuer Replica Watches". I couldn't speak and Paul thought that we were disconnected.

"Phillips was looking for someone to focus on the entire story, not just the watch. They knew the Wall Street Journal could do that. Negotiations were involved but we eventually got there.Tag Heuer Replica Watches One of the greatest thrills in my life was to go to Geneva to see the watch and to handle it two weeks ago. The people thought I was at Auction Five but in reality I was in a bank's vault trying on the world's most famous watch.

"Keeping the secret has been the hardest part of the last three months, especially during Baselworld. The conversation at dinner one night with collectors touched on what we would do in the event that the watch was ever found. The guys with whom I was dining said they would drink, sing, and shout to raise $10,000,000."

Clerizo finished by laughing and telling us: "It is funny, but Wei Koh, your boss, wrote a fantastic article about Paul Tag Heuer Replica Watches.tudor replica It was printed out and I kept it with me when I worked because it made important points about the watch. Wei will probably not be bidding.